Making Bookings as an Urban Sports Club Member

As an Urban Sports Club Member, if you are new to us you have to book your Court over be registring in our Online System and using a credit card or use Whatsapp +4930-20256790 and pay the full Court costs for example over PayPal.

Changing into Trusted Member as Urban Sports Club Member

If you are registered in our Online Booking System (minimum 1 Booking with Credit Card Payment to be done), you already did at least 4-5 bookings in our club without any problems & you have minimum 3 USC Players being part of your game we can change you into a trusted member for future bookings so all costs can be paid directly in the club.

If you reached the mentioned amount of bookings (we have to control it before continuing the changing process) these are the following instructions to become a trusted member:

- Give us the USC Membership Full Names and Account Numbers over Whatsapp +4930-20256790
- Ask us there to become a trusted member
- we will pass you then all the informations and use your USC Accounts you gave us as a Security Backup. In case you don´t show up to your Booking or cancel later then 96 hours with no other group taking over your booking we would have to find a way to cover the missed court costs by using your USC accounts over several days until our court costs of your missed booking have been fully covered.

Booking a Court over PayPal as Urban Sports Club Member

Note: Due several Bookings in the last weeks not showing up and Urban Sports Club not Assisting in the made financial damage we cannot provide the following Service anymore until you booked 4-5 times before in a regular way to us, for example over the Online Booking Calendar System or via PayPal upfront.

You can send us your USC Memberships (Starting from 1 USC Membership Person of the planned booking) over Whatsapp +4930-20256790 and pay the remaining Court costs upfront via PayPal or Bank Transfer. We would then book the Court manually for you in our Online Booking System under your name. On the Day of the booking you can pay the missing costs for the Court by using your USC Check Ins then.

Note: Please be aware, that additonal Costs like Renting Rackets, Renting or Buying Balls and Paying Lights will may appear on top to the court costs. Please visit for more informations.

Refund System

Our Service Staff Member always tries to inform you after your check in at the Office on the day you played to send us over Whatsapp on the same day or the day after the needed Informations to get the refund for your check ins if they cannot be used for any additional costs of your Game you played. You can find our Refund Instructions in English and German in our Office Information Wall.
We have a lot of members and messages to coordinate each day and requesting the Refund as quickly as possible helps us a lot to send your Discount you own due your Check In. Please be aware, if you are requesting the refund later then 7 days (including the day you played) we maybe cannot refund your check in anymore.

Note: in our prices we just show how much it will costs each person when 4 players are sharing the court. It is just an example so you have an idea how much costs you actually have. We also are not informing about the Urban Sports Club Membership Conditions in general, since Urban Sports Club is just a Cooperation Partner from us. All Membership questions to their contracts have to be asked directly to the Urban Sports Club Support. Thank you for understanding.

Please read the following Instructions if you booked the Court upfront via Credit Card and the Additional Costs (Renting Equipment, Light costs) are lower then the USC Check Ins you have made:

Note: Staff is always there to explain you all questions and give you a calculation, what refund you got over the check ins and what will be maybe used to pay additonal costs.