1. Booking Calendar


black: closed club (grey fields)
blue: first match of the day (we arrive 10 minutes before the first booking) - if time slots look like this it means another customer booked the court and it is not available
green: available slots to book (white fields)

In this Image we explain the calendar.
The black square shows you the grey fields meaning that the club is closed and you cannot book in that time. Courts are starting to be available when the first white field starts to appear in the calendar. However, white fields don´t mean that the club is open, it only means that there is a possibility to book.

In the blue square you see the first match of the day (in this case the first match is scheduled for 15:00 Starting time). We mostly arrive to open the club around 10-15 Minutes before the first scheduled match of the day. The same happpens with the last match, we close the club when the last match ended around 10-15 Minutes after. We work with an optimized schedule system. It means we are only at the club when matches are scheduled and people are playing in our facilities.

In the green squares you see available booking slots you can book (in this case you see two 1,5 hours bookings what can be booked). The minimum of booking has to be 1,5 hours (3 white fields connected). To book your slot you have to register online over www.padelberlin.de/booking and pay your court fee in advance via credit card. After you booked your slot you will see your booking in the calendar with your name you used in registration. The reservation was only successful when you see your booking in the system while being logged in into your account and if you got an email with an automatic booking confirmation (check your spam folder too).

We recommend 1,5 hours bookings in the beginning of your Padel experience and extend to 2 hours bookings after you have more experience with the sport. We also recommend to always play with 4 people since playing with 2 people is possible but very excausting especially in the beginning of your Padel experience.


2. Booking Window & Bookings outside the Booking Window

Courts can be booked maximum 2 weeks in advance. That means if you look for a booking for example at 18:00 in 2 weeks, the booking window opens exactly at 18:00 when the 2 weeks distance appears. Be aware, that maybe other customers book before your prefered time already in the calendar, so you have to book after them (first come first serve). Be aware, that your prefered time may not be available due other already scheduled bookings in the calendar.
Note: please read the automatic message over Email about short notice informations, price changes, restrictions or other important informations what can effect your booking. They mostly appear in the beginning of the Email our system is sending to you when you completed your online booking. Check also the spam folder if you didn´t get a booking notification or contact us if you are not sure your booking got through the booking process.

Bookings later then 2 weeks in advance: If you wish to book in a larger distance then 2 weeks in advance you can contact us over Whatsapp +4930-20256790 - Inform us about the specific date you are looking for, how many courts you want to book and for how long you want to book the courts. We will make you then a special offer for your request. Be aware, that scheduled bookings outside of the 2 weeks online window have automatically a 1 week cancellation policy and prices will be different from the 2 weeks self online logged in bookings.


3. Prices & Lights

Prices can be found over www.padelberlin.de/prices - You can find there the actual court prices if you book in the 2 weeks online calendar window (self online logged in bookings). 
You can also find there the additional rental costs of rackets and balls. The Additional costs for Equipment will be charged for your complete match time and not per hour.
Note: The examples how much each player pays are just shown for 4 Players who share the court costs (since Padel is a sport for 4 people in general). The full court costs have to be paid always in a full amount even when less then 4 players are using the court.

Both Outdoor Courts and the Indoor Court have lights. The Lights are included for the Outdoor Courts from 20:00 and for the Indoor Court from 18:00 each day. Due increasing electricity costs we had to make the decision, that if you want lights before the mentioned time, you will have to pay additional 4 Euros for each hour you are using the lights.


4. Actual Rules, Notifications & Booking Rules

All recent Notifications (called Update), also important short notice facts and rules will be mentioned during your booking process or with the incoming booking mail confirmation. Also we try to always optimize our daily calendar, what means we either connect bookings or let a 1,5 hours gap betwenn them so another group can book the empty spot. In www.padelberlin.de/prices we explain for example also the rule of bookings, gaps between bookings and moving your booking to close gaps you created by book your favorite time in the calendar. As mentioned earlier we try to do close gaps between bookings, all bookings have to be connected. If we move your booking we will always contact you about moving it (we try to move you mostly 30 minutes away from your originally made booking). You will also get an automatic message over Email with the change when we move your booking to a different time or different day.


5. Level Assesment

To join a Level Assesment, please contact us over Whatsapp +4930-20256790 we will add you then to the Level Assesment group, where you wait, until we announce the next Assesment possibility. Please don´t ask in the Assesment group when the next Assesment will be. Thank you in advance.
The Assesment costs 15 Euros and is about 30 Minutes Test & Talk to join the Whatsapp groups of different Levels and Players. We will check you in your Padel skills, then send you the Link after the Test to your Whatsapp group of your Level, so you can find players to play together with. We mostly schedule an Assesment if at least 3 Players join the Assesment. Maximum 8 Players can do an Assesment in the same time. Since we have many players asking to join the Whatsapp groups we try to check as much players as possible in an scheduled Assesment.


6. Classes

Group Classes will mostly only get organized between Spring Season, Summer Season and Autum Season, also when there is a posibility to organize them due free Courts/available Courts. Group Classes will always have an amount of 4 Players and will be scheduled for 1 hour to 1,5 hours on an weekly base if possible. If the club is full of normal matches because of many customers we will not organize Group Classes to not take away Courts for the normal organizing Players.

Group Classes will mostly be scheduled in the Indoor Court if possible and will cost 15 Euros each Player in a Group of 4 Players for an 1 hour class with one of our Trainer. For a Class on the Outdoor Court it will be 14 Euros each Player in a Group of 4 Players having a 1 hour Class. Prices for 1,5 hours Indoor will be 22,50 Euros each Player in a 4 Players Group and Prices for 1,5 hours Outdoor will be 21 Euros each Player in a 4 Persons Group. The Equipment is included in the group Classes.

To join the Group Classes you have to be part of the Whatsapp group of your Level. If you are not part of a Whatsapp Group of your Level you have to do a Level Assesment first.
Please check the Assesment Point in this Guide to see how to join a Level Assesment (Point No. 5)

For Private Classes please contact us over Whatsapp +4930-20256790 . We will make you an offer then for a private class directly and check if your asked time is available or not. Private Classes can have up to maximum 4 Players to get trained in the same time. 1 hour private class costs 56 Euros Outdoor and 60 Euros Indoor in the moment including Equipment for the Players (winter season 2022/2023).
Note: we dont organize Players for Private Classes, we only offer Courts, Trainers and Equipment for the Classes. If you wish to have more Players in your Private Class you have to organize them by yourself. Please also be aware, that we mostly cannot do Classes during the high frequent times: Monday 17:00-22:00 and Weekend/Holiday between 10:00-20:00


7. Cancellation Policy

The Cancellation Policy can be found over www.padelberlin.de/cancellation - Please read the cancellation policy and follow the instructions if you want to cancel a booking. In any case you have to contact us via Whatsapp +4930-20256790 for cancelling your booking, a self made cancellation cannot be done anymore due clients using the online booking system to their own advantage. The normal time window for online calendar scheduled bookings is 96 hours in advance if you book maximum a 2 hours slot. For longer bookings the cancellation time will extend to 1 week in advance.
Note: If you book in a shorter Window then 96 hours the Cancellation Policy Rule will directly appear (only replacement bookings are allowed to cancel the court check Point No. 16).


8. Rain Policy

If you are worried about bad weather conditions for your scheduled match please check out our Rain Policy you can find over www.padelberlin.de/rain-policy - follow the instructions there. Note: we will not cancel bookings due bad weather forcasts, we only cancel courts shortly on the day (around 1 hour before the scheduled match mostly) if the courts are actually not playable. Playable can also mean playing with rain since we have a system what brings the water out of the court (Drenage System). We check always the court conditions so stay in contact with us over the day for your scheduled booking.
Since you booked the court you are responsable for your booking anyway. Of course we try to help you but in the end you booked the court so its your choice if you show up or not. Many times people think the courts are not playable/too wet but they are surprised how good the conditions of our courts are when they arrive at the club even when it rains/it rained in Berllin City and everything is wet on the way to the club.


9. Contact to the club

We mostly work over Whatsapp Messenger +4930-20256790 - Over that you can send us a message and we will answer as soon as possible there.
Note: we dont take Whatsapp calls there, we only reply to messages.
You can also call us via Landline over +4930-20256790 during the week from the first scheduled match until the last scheduled match on weekdays and from around 14:00 until the last scheduled match on weekends and official holidays. If we are not available the automatic mailbox will apply with actual rules. Please contact us then over the Whatsapp message function or try again later via Landline.
You can also write us an email.
Note: Emails can land in spam folders from both sides (club and customer side) so its not recommended. If you didn´t get an email answer maybe it landed in your spam folder. Please check your spam folder then.
Last option is to pass at the club when we are open (first scheduled match of the day until last scheduled match of the day) - However the staff in the office can be very busy so please be patient if you pass to the club by person and come to the office for more informations or requests you have.


10. Events & Company Bookings

We mostly dont organize Events or Tournaments since we don´t have much space or free courts in general. However if you want to organize an Event (Company Event, Tournament, Government Event, Birthday Party, Anniversary) please come to us over Whatsapp +4930-20256790 we will make you a specific offer for your request. Please send us the exact date, how many courts you want to book and for how long you plan to book the courts. Please be aware, that you have to pay additional costs to a self made booking over the online calendar.


11. Whatsapp Groups

To join the Whatsapp group of your Level to find other players you have to make a Level Assesment first. We dont add Players to the Whatsapp group who the staff in the office or our trainers have not watched before in an Assesment or in a match at our club facilities.
If you want to schedule a Level Assesment please follow the instructions in the Level Assesment point in this guide (Point No.5)


 12. Payments

Most of the bookings have pay the court costs in advance with credit card or can pay at the club before/after their scheduled match in the office depending on the trust factor (check Point No. 17 in this guide).
However if you have no credit card please come to us over Whatsapp +4930-20256790 and we will send you other options like paying the court in advance via PayPal or pay via Bank Account transfer.
At the club you can pay your Additional costs like Equipment, Drinks and additional stuff with cash or using your Debit/Credit Card.


13. Drinks, Snacks & Additional Equipment for Sale

In the club you can buy Drinks like Water, Beer and Knoppers. We also offer Overgrips for your rackets. You can also Buy new Balls. The actual prices can be seen in the Club Office. Sometimes we also offer Second Hand Rackets. If you are looking to buy a racket please talk with our staff in the office, maybe we have something for you.
Depending on the actual market situation we can also order new rackets & shoes from our cooperation partner Babolat for you. Mostly we can offer you 2 Basic Rackets, 1 Advanced Racket and one Professional Racket in the Club to try out. If you like the Racket you tried out we can order it for you with Pay in Advance. The Order takes around 1-3 Weeks until it reaches Berlin. The Models and Prices for our Rackets (New) in 2022 are:

- Babolat Contact / Babolat Reveal 85 Euros
- Babolat Technical Verturo 150 Euros
- Babolat Technical Viper 200 Euros

For other Models then the mentioned ones from our cooperation partner Babolat we cannot give you a try out at the Club in the Moment. But we can still order the models for you, what are announced in their actual catalogue (available in the office). Please contact our stuff in the office for more informations about the available Rackets / available Shoes / available other Equipment you need and the Price for them.


14. Urban Sports Club Players / Bookers

If you are having a Urban Sports Membership you still have to book the court with credit card or other payment options in advance. You can use your check in at the club for example to pay the additional court costs like Equipment (Rackets and Balls). If you don´t have any additional costs we will give you the check in ammount back in PayPal or if you don´t have a PayPal Account via German Bank Transfer after your check in applies in our partner account system.

Refund: Staff is always telling you after your check in in the club on the day you played to inform us over Whatsapp on the same day or the day after to get the refund for your check ins what have been made. We have a lot of members and messages to coordinate each day and you are responsable for your refund request to do it as quickly as possible. If you are requesting the refund later then 7 days (including the day you played) we may cannot refund your check in anymore. Please be aware of that.

Note: in our prices we just show how much it will costs each person when 4 players are sharing the court. It is just an example so you have an idea how much costs you actually have. We also are not informing about the Urban Sports Club Conditions in general, since Urban Sports Club is just a cooperation partner from us. All Membership questions to their contracts have to be asked directly to the Urban Sports Club Support. Thank you for understanding.


15. Players on Vacation / Business Trip in Berlin

As much as we want to help you to play in our facilities, our club is pretty hard booked by a lot of groups, customers and players. Mostly we cannot offer you a spot in our club during your short stay in Berlin. We always have to make a Level Assesment first with you before we can offer you a Whatsapp Group of your Level for organizing matches. Mostly after the Assesment you will be probably already gone. Since we are the only club in Berlin in the moment we cannot offer the service other clubs maybe do by organizing matches for you. We dont want to charge you extra for this service so we prefer to decline this option.


16. Replacement Bookings / Replacement Players

Players: Many times players who booked a court come to us, that one player is missing and if we can help them to find other players to complete the match of 4 people. These requests make a big rush in our groups and add a lot of stress level to our staff & our persons working for the club. Also maybe we don´t know your Level. We mostly have to decline your request. We are sorry for that but in the end we don´t want to get involved with the different Levels and Groups finding players. We just manage the posibilities that you can find additional players.
We also don´t want to charge you extra to find a player for your match. We hope you understand our point and we wish you good luck, that in the end you can complete it by yourself finding friends or other players.
Note: Even when not 4 players show up in their booking the full amount for the court has to be paid either from the showed up players or from the person who booked the court in our club.

Bookings: The same situation applies if players are asking to move out their booking since people cancelled them and they already passed the cancellation policy deadline. Of course we can move out your booking from the calendar so other groups can book. But we cannot promise you, that another booking is taking over your slot. It mostly depends what time of the day you booked and how many days are left to your booking. Last minute cancellations are barely able to get a replacement booking, especially when its for the same day and only a few hours are between the cancellation and the booking slot.
Note: As long as we didn´t inform you that another group took over your booking you will stay responsable for your booking you made. If you don´t show up be prepaired that the full amount of the booking will be charged.


17. Trusted Member / Non Trusted Member / Max. 1,5 hours Booking Permission

Change from Non trusted Member to Trusted member: In the Beginning all new groups & players who joined recently into the club are Non Trusted members, since we just know them for a very short time. They have to pay the court costs upfront via credit card. Over time when we see, if the players / groups are showing up and don´t make any problems with cancellations or other things (arguing about court conditions, causing other problems) we can change their account online into a Trusted Member (Groups & Players have to make the request to us directly).
A Trusted Member can book the court without getting charged upfront and pay the court costs at the club before or after the match they scheduled.
Note: It takes some time until we decide to make you into a Trusted Member since as it says we have to Trust you first. A Trusted Member booking is always a risk for the club to take since we don´t know if you show up and pay the court or if we in the end cannot charge your credit card and have to work for the money you own us due your not show up actions. So please be patient with your request to be changed into a Trusted Member.

Change from Trusted Member to Non Trusted Member: However many times customers we thought we can trust are starting to complain about court conditions especially when it is raining, don´t show up in their booking, cannot be charged after they missed their booking or do not take response due their actions, cancel too often courts in the last moment, book a lot of courts in advance and then cancel them again as only mentioning some of the reasons what can happen to change the status of the Group / Player back to a Non Trusted Member. In this case, especially when someone is not showing up in their booking and we cannot charge his credit card after, he will directly get changed into a Non Trusted Member again and stays in that status until he paid his open debt he created. It depends again on the trusting Level if we change him back into a Trusted Member or not.

Note: it is not our job to run behind bookings who don´t show up or don´t want to pay their reservations. There are many more groups who would have taken your spot in advance and it is your responsability to pay the court even if you cannot make it and no replacement booking can be found. We always try to help finding a replacement booking but if for any reasons it cannot be replaced we wish that you pay for the court you made a reservation for and don´t cause any stress about the court fee what has to be paid. Thank you in advance.

Max. 1,5 hours Booking Permission: many times we also see customers, who always book 2 hours in advance, then cancel very late and the replacing group only takes 1,5 hours so a 30 minutes gap is getting created. This forces us to move other bookings around what is causing always trouble to us and the other clients who get moved due a short cancel notification. If we see customers creating problems too often by booking 2 hours we are forced to reduce them into 1,5 hours bookings maximum, so if they cancel in a short notice only a 1,5 hours window appears what causes no moving of other bookings. 
Note: If we cannot move bookings due a 2 hours cancellation and a 30 minutes gap stays open, we are forced to charge the cancelled customer/group for the open 30 minutes they created due their cancellation, even when another group took over 1,5 hours of them. That also appears if you cancelled before the 96 hours cancellation policy deadline.


18. How to find matches in the Whatsapp Groups

If you are new in the Whatsapp Level group - language is english - you have two choices to find other players:

1. Search for players and book the court
You check in the calendar www.padelberlin.de/booking what court is available and either book the court and then look for players or you first look for players and then if your match is complete book the court if its still available. Remember that you can only book maximum 2 weeks in advance in our online calendar system. If you book the court and then look for players its your own risk, if you are not finding enough players for your match you stay responsable for the booking and you will stay in charge for it as long as no replacement booking takes over for you or you get enough players for your match. Don´t search too late for players, start to search early for the match you have in your mind. If you are looking for short notice bookings (for example bookings the same day or the following day) please find first the players then book the court. Also be aware, that bookings have to be connected to the rest of the bookings. If you want to book to far away from the majority of the bookings we have to move it to connect it with the others or cancel it if there is no other option (check Point No. 4 in the Booking Guide).
Please be specific in your request by mentioning: The Date, the exact time, the court you want to book (or you already booked) and how many players you are looking for. When you found all players please use the @ function and mention the players who are joining your match you found over the group. It is always better to mark the players again and then informing them the match is complete (double check players joining the match).

Example: Looking for 2 Players on Monday, 25. April from 17:30-19:00 Indoor - Who is in?
Wait until the amount of players (maximum searching for 3 additional players) got matched and then when your match is complete you can write:
Perfect, @Player1 @Player2 see you Monday 25.4 at 17:30 in the club

2. Join a match of a player or a group offering a spot:
The easier way especially in the beginning when you start in the Whatsapp groups to find other players is to join an offer another player makes. In that case just mention that you are in for his request and wait until the amount of players got matched. You can also swipe to the right on his message and confirm you are in so he knows you mean his offer. Mostly they will then mention you with an @ when you are in for their scheduled match and the match is complete. You can confirm the message by a thumbs up for example. If you want to join with a friend be aware that he has to be your level too, if he is not your level mention it to the booking person so no surprises happen on the day of the booking. You may use I am in +1 for example.

Note: If a player drops out of the scheduled match for whatever reason he is responsable for his spot he booked until another player substitutes him. If for whatever reason the match stays not complete, the dropped out player(s) still have to pay their part of the match to the others, who show up to play. In specific situations you can ask staff if he can play with you but please be aware that staff cannot always jump in as a substitution. The court costs however have to be paid full from the showed up players or the person that booked the court, then they have to get the amount they paid additional of the player(s) who dropped out from their match after they confirmed it before in the group.
Please don´t ask us if we can ask in other groups for additional players since the difference of Level mostly makes the other groups not being interested in the game at all (Check also Point No. 16 in this Booking Guide).

Whatsapp Group Policy: Please use the Whatsapp Groups only for finding players for matches or classes and have a look in your Whatsapp Group description after joining the Group for more Informations. If you post other stuff for example like Padel Racket offers, foreign tournaments, promoting other clubs or joining a match of the foreign club promotion what has come over our group or other foreign stuff what is not connected to the club Padel Berlin we will directly delete your message or maybe ask you to give us more information about your booking announcement in your group. In case you violated against our Whatsapp Policy rules we could be forced to take you out of the Whatsapp Group and ban you from our facilities. Please play fair with us as we play fair with you as a customer too. Thank you in advance and enjoy the matches on our courts.

Active Player Policy: To keep our groups as actual as possible, we check mostly once  in a year (last check 18.06.2023) the activity of the players inside all our groups. We want to avoid players, who are in the group but not activly using them or activly playing in our club. We also want to avoid players trying to take the advantage of our groups, what is against our Whatsapp Policy Rules (for example asking players to join matches for other clubs in Berlin).
In case we see your account not active for a very long time, we would take it out of the groups. In case you can proof, that you are still an active player in our club (for example by telling us a recent date and time of a booking you joined or you made a booking or showing us a screenshot of your last activity in your group) we will add you back in your group of course. Please accept, that the groups are there only for our club and also to be using them in an acitve way. Thank you in advance


19. Changing Rooms, Playing Clothes and Shoes

We have one changing room for women and one changing room for men in our club. Both are installed with a toilet and a shower. If you want to have a warm shower, please inform our staff in the office before your match starts since we only heat the water up if requested.
Please use clothes depending on the actual weather situation. Our Indoor court is not heated, therefore the indoor court has the same temperature as the outdoor courts. Please be prepaired for that during your time in our club.
Also please use shoes on our courts with profile, since you will play on artifictial grass with sand on it. Shoes with profile can be for example Tennis Shoes or Jogging shoes. We don´t allow soccer shoes with nops on their profile since they destroy our carpet. You can also play on the courts without shoes if your shoes are too slippery.
Note: You cannot rent shoes in our facilty


20. Dogs, Babys, young children and own music in the club

Some of you maybe want to bring their dogs to the club or want to come with their babies or young children. We are completly fine with that. But have in mind, that also other players can be affected/distracted to your dogs, babies and young children during their time in the club. We try to be as polite as we can but maybe we have to ask you to take action if something is distracting the other players too much.
That also means if you bring your own music to the club if other groups are getting distracted or prefer that you stop your music, you will have to follow their request so everyone has a good time in the club during their games.


21. Having more then 4 Players at the same time in a One Court Booking

If you plan to have more then 4 People sharing a court together we don´t have a problem with it at all. In any case we want to mention, that the club has not much space next to the courts. A Volume of maximum 8 Players each Court should be fine (around 24 People in the same time for our 3 Courts). In the end we are happy if you are spending time in our facility. Be aware that in very specific situations - as we know from the Covid Restrictions for example - we may have to ask you that some players have to leave or go for another place for some minutes/a short time to not have a too overcrowded club. Without any restrictions we recommend to bring maximum 8 Players for a normal Court booking.


22. Waiting lists for Court requests

Many times we get asked, if we can inform groups or players if someone jumps out of their booking, if there is kinda a waiting list for bookings since the day seems full but the requesting groups / players want to play on this or that specific day. We don´t have a waiting list and we always keep our calendar up to date. Since we are the only club in Berlin the rate of players looking for Courts in the best times of the day is of course quite high. If you are lucky some groups would like to cancel, just keep an eye of the calendar for your day you are wishing to play and with a bit luck you see a free spot pop up. Please understand that if a day is full of bookings you cannot do anything then book earlier in advance or try to play maybe in hours, what are not high frequently booked (high frequence time is Monday to Fiday 17-22 and Weekends/Holidays 10-18).


23. Invoice for your Court Booking

Please be aware, that we mostly cannot make Invoices afterwards, when you already left the club. We only work with Quittung and we only make them in the Office. That means: You can request a Quittung on the day you are coming to play. We either send you a receipt of your payment over our card system (you shoud pay all costs over card then) via Email or either make you a Quittung for the Payment of using our Courts and Additional Equipment on your booking day. 
If you are asking for an Invoice after you already left from your booking via Email or Whatsapp for we will maybe have to decline it. You can come to the club again during our opening times (check booking calendar and Point No 1 in this guide) and we are happy to make you a Quittung then in the Office for your Payment you made during your past booking in our facilities. But we will mostly not send any Invoices via Email or Whatsapp. You have to mention things like this before or during your booking, not after your booking.
For clients who want an invoice before their bookings we have to decline it in the most times too, since you can still cancel your court before your booking. In that case we would have made a Quittung what you can use even when the booking never happened in the end. This is against Tax laws so due german tax rules we will mostly decline an Invoice upfront your booking.


24. Changing into higher Levels in our Whatsapp Groups

To change into a higher Whatsapp Level Group we can offer you the following 2 Options:
- You have to make a Level Change Assesment Test of around 20-30 Minutes. It costs 15 Euros each Player who wants to change his Level and switch to a higher group he is right now signed on. Minimum 3 Players have to join the Level Change Assesment Test. We have specific Level Change Assesment Whatsapp Group where we will invite all interested players and annouce there a day/time to make the Assesment.
- You get checked during your game from our Stuff / our Trainers (if they are available). Each Player who wants to get a Level Change into a higher group has to pay 10 Euros.
Note: Be aware, that even when you pay money for the Level Change Assesment it does not mean that we will change you into the higher Level. We only change you into the Level if we think you are fitting this Level. Since it takes time and efford for us to check your Level - either during a Level Change Assesment or during your game - the costs are only to pay the effort we are doing to watch your game or make the special test with you.


25. Respect to other Players, the Padel Berlin Staff and visitors at the club

The most important thing for the Club is that all Players, all Workers, all the Staff and all people during their time in the club will be treaten with Respect. Our Staff always will treat the Players, customers and visitors with respect and will never go with them loosing the respect whatever the other side throws at us. However, if we see a Player or Players who are not treating other Players, our Staff or visitors with Respect we will give this Player / these Players the advice, that they crossed a line and that they stop doing that. Its a warning from our side. Emotions can always happen, we are trained on the emotional Note. This mostly does not cause a warning. So normally after a day everything should be ok again and after mentioning the respect rule, the communication and the treating can be fine again (what we are looking for). If for whatever reason the Player / the players continue treating our Staff, other players ot visitors without respect and cause a lot of negative energy or problems in our club we could be forced to remove this Player / these Players from the club on the day or even permanently. This is the last option we don´t want to do but if we have no other choice we have to do it for the greater good of the club and the atmosphere. It can also be, that we have to block the phone numbers or the whatsapp numbers permenantly (last option).
However there is always a chance to come back to us - in that case over Email - so we can work things out that caused the permanent ban. If we see that the respectless situation continues we maybe will not give this Player / these Players another chance to play in our club. We are sorry if you think we are missunderstand you or you think you are not treated correctly. The climate of the club is more important then Players causing trouble. And as we said we only use specific things in the last possible way if we have no other choice anymore.


26. Court switching Requests for Bookings shorter then 96 hours before the Booking

Many times, when a booking is looking for a replacement booking when the 96 hours Dealine passed, other already scheduled bookings are asking to switch over to that booking (because its in a better time of the day or for other specific reasons). We have to inform you, that it is better not to switch since you would then be in charge to find also another replacement booking for your own slot since you also passed the 96 hours cancellation policy deadline, where we can delete your bookings without charging you. So if you want to get the other slot what got available or is looking for a replacement booking, you can switch to that time yes no problem.
Worst case will be, that you play at your switched time but you also have to pay the full amount of the Court Fee for the slot you left to get the "better slot" for playing (Double Charge Situation). If you are ok with that risk then we will move you and see if someone is replacing your booking too. Its a big gamble since you have to hope - like the other booking you just replaced - that you get a replacement booking for yourself too.
This Rule of "Double Charge Situation" also applies for bookings who want to switch for example from Outdoor to Indoor because of bad weather forcast for example when the 96 hours Cancellation Deadline already appeared. We would only allow the switch to the "better Spot" if another Group takes over your spot you want to give up. So worst case would be you pay twice when you switch to another time or another court and no other Group is taking over your booked Spot you want to leave empty in our calendar.


27. Vouchers / Gutscheine

Please be aware, that we dont give out Vouchers (Gutscheine) anymore, since we saw in the past, that these Vouchers (Gutscheine) are causing a conflict due the normal booking situation and the amount of players/groups what we have right now. If you want to give your friend a Court in our Club as a present (Geschenk) you can book yourself a Court and pay it for him using the self online Booking System over www.padelberlin.de/booking . If you are looking for Classes as a present (Geschenk) please check Point No. 6 in this Guide for more informations about the Private Class Costs.
Please also be aware, that we mostly cannot do Classes during the high frequent times: Monday 17:00-22:00 and Weekend/Holiday between 10:00-20:00


28. Competitive Matches in the Groups / Request to get into the next Higher Group / Challenge Matches

We started with the Level Group Organisation in Whatsapp in 2017 with 3 different Levels - High, Advanced and Low. After 3 Years in 2020 we had to reorganize the Groups after we moved up too many people who "wanted to play the higher Level" - our Group Balance got Destroyed. We changed the Group Levels from 3 to 4 Levels. In 2022 we reached again the point, where to many groups were completly unbalanced to customers asking and forcing the Trainers and the Staff, to play in the Higher Level "so they can have more competition or get more challenged." It brought players in the group into the situation, not to ask anymore for Players to complete a match or finding a replacement player since they were scared that lower Level Player join their match.
Due all the respect of players asking for higher groups you also have to see the other side of the coin, that the other players maybe are also not happy to play with the lower levels for the same reason you maybe don´t want to play with lower Players in your own group.
We decided in summer 2022 to have 5 Groups with Different Levels, each group having of course lower Level and higher Level Players We also thought about "must have" Skills what you need to enter the next higher Group. There will be never a real 100% Balance ever but we cannot and we will not change anymore Players asking to play higher Level so "its more challenging." It is an absolute No Go for us now to move players in higher Groups when they don´t have the Level to play there in our Eyes.

We added another option to proof us that you are actually a Player of the Higher Group The Option is called Challenge Matches. You can always request the information in Whatsapp, we will send you then the Infoscreen in a picture. It is also shown in the Office of the Club for everyone. Be prepaired, that maybe the higher Level is not willing to accept your challenge for the same reason you are not happy playing the lower Players in your group. Our experience after scheduling some Challenge Matches is, that the Higher Level mostly waits until the last moment or will not respond to your Challenge Match request so your Challenge Match will maybe not work.

To get moved up you have to win 3 challenge Matches overall with a partner of the same Group you are right now playing in against the next higher Group. Until you did not win 3 Matches against the higher group you will not get moved up - no matter how many times you ask us to get moved up and how many times you think your Level is not competitive. It is our responsability to make the groups stay in Balance so we have to be very strict about this point - especially after a 2 times Reorganization of the existent Groups and Levels.
We understand that you want to play against better Players - it is in our nature as Players always want to compete - but you have to see always also the other side, that the better Players don´t want to play with you too in many cases. Since we try to make a Base for everyone starting and playing in or Whatsapp Groups we have to be nutrual, not moving people up in Groups if they don´t have the Level of the Group. We try to manage the Groups as good as possible.

Our Whatsapp Groups are just a start to open you a chance to find other Players - especially if you are new in the City or to the Sport in general. We have to coordinate over 500 active Players over the Groups and it took us over 2 months in summer 2022 to bring the Groups back to the most possible Balance what we can have right now. We will not go again for a missbalanced Group - even if that means that we loose a Player because he thinks we are wrong.
If you want to move up in the Level you have to proof yourself in your Group and - over time - find yourself your own Players you are ok to play with it. Of Course if possible we will watch the Challenge Matches to see how you compete with the Higher Level. Don´t pressure us with your Challenge Match request, we will announce your request in the next Higher Group if you found a partner and a court where it can be played on. If its not working its not working. It seems unfair from your side but our Experience of the last 5 years shows us that the actual way is the best way for everyone using the Whatsapp Groups not being afraid to ask there for Players to complete a Match, finding replacements or last minute substitutions due work and other Stuff what can happen in this hectic life in the moment.

For moving up in the next higher Group please also read Point Number 24 in this Guide and follow the instructions there. If you want to get watched in a Match you play be aware that you have to ask our Staff before your Match to get watched so our Staff is aware of the request. You also have to pay the Fee of watching before starting the match so there is no discussion about it after.
Note: Our staff cannot always watch your game and if our Staff watches you it can also mean that you have to pay but our Staff decides to not move you up since you are not the Level you want to get moved up to.

If we see a player we think he has to be moved up in the higher Level we mostly do it by ourselves and come to the Player directly when they have a break in the Match or when they come in the Office to pay. We always want to have the people in the correct Group, sometimes we even have to downgrade Players if they are in the wrong Group with higher Players. In the end you all want to find Players to play and have a system to get a mostly balanced Match, also having an Option to get a replacement. In our Eyes you will not find a better System then our actual one what has been grown over 5 years.